By Dave Hill

The year’s biggest event for gaming and game announcements is just around the corner. E3 is bigger than ever, with this being the first year that the Entertainment Software Association has sold tickets to the general public. In years past, E3 was reserved for the press and those involved in the industry. But this year the expo is making some changes and including fans of games themselves in the events.

So, who is on the docket this year at E3 and what can we expect? It looks like EA will be firing off the opening press conference. Undoubtedly, Electronic Arts – the biggest name in sports games, will be giving us a deeper look into Madden 18, and hopefully more of Star Wars Battlefront 2. Considering that the original Battlefront left a lot to improve on, EA should have no problems getting the hype train going on that one.

Madden 18 will similarly get a new facelift, being built in the much-touted Frostbite engine that was used in Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect: Andromeda. Fans of the series are hyped for the return of beloved features and the introduction of new tricks like the ability to customize the AI to fit your play style and give you more control of the athletes and the team in general.

Microsoft takes center stage the following day. They will clearly be talking about Project Scorpio, giving us an official name for the refreshed console, as well as a price that is hopefully not going to hurt. Phil Spencer has said that Microsoft’s focus will be on games at E3. Considering how much the Xbox One has struggled to maintain relevancy this generation, it will be very important for Microsoft to offer up games that will draw the market back their way.

Bethesda follows up after Microsoft’s event. Its largely a mystery what Bethesda will show us. They’ve made it clear that what they are working on is not related to a new Elder Scrolls installment. So maybe Bethesda will show us some of the fancy VR adaptations they are working on for Fallout 4 and DOOM. I would be totally happy if Bethesda surprised us with even a tiny teaser for Elder Scrolls VI, just enough to say it’s coming. Please?

On June 12th, Sony hold its conference. If you haven’t been keeping score, Sony has dominated this generation of consoles. A total role-reversal from the previous generation when PS3 hardware was not very developer friendly, and the price was not very consumer friendly. God of War is a big title we have been waiting with baited breath to hear more about. If Sony wants to make a splash, I am sure they will show off more of that game’s progress despite recent news of its delay until – potentially – 2018. There are several other games to look forward to: a new Spiderman game, Last of Us 2, and Detroit: Become Human. Any and all of these could possibly hit center stage during Sony’s press conference.

Nintendo will close out the press conference at E3 the following day. Since the release of the Switch, there is a lot of good stuff coming out from the gaming giant. Planned features include a playable demo of Super Mario Odyssey as well as Splatoon 2 and ARMS demos. Recently, Retro Studios has also been dropping hints that they are working on a new game that might be a new Metroid. This would be another solid title for Nintendo to drop into the laps of every user that already has a Switch and bolster the incentive for others to get on board.

You can also expect tons of publishers and game studios to make an appearance with booths showing off their work and making some other big announcements. A playable demo of Mario Odyssey will be on site which will hopefully give the world a larger look at new flagship title from Nintendo.


What news are you hoping to get out of E3? Any games you are hankering to see?