Warhammer online is back

Did you ever play Warhammer onlin/ the game shut down three years ago but we’re happy to say it’s back up and running. It works the same way that the private World Of Warcraft servers work, download the client online and you’re up and running.

The instructions to get this up and running are pretty easy thank god the forums are super helpful throughout this whole process. You can start downloading it HERE and just simply follow the directions, you will need a torrent program that can download torrents.


The game came out over 5 years ago and the graphics are still pretty good, they were exceptional when it came out. Crazy to see how far we’ve come in technology. Warhammer allows you to choose from 12 different classes from 4 different races on each side (Horde or Alliance). The concept is the same as any other RPG, do quests to level up, get better gear, do dungeons with friends or other people or jump into competitive PVP mode.

Love every second of this game and always have. I quit playing at the time due to my friends addicted to World Of Warcraft which left me with no one to play with. I played Warhammer for 3 hours so far, safe to say I’m addicted. All I ask is you give it a try, they’re barely any bugs only ran into a couple of quests that actually bugged out.

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– The GamingU Team