Hello everyone, I’m sure by now everyone knows my name which is AJ Picard and I’m the CEO of an app called GamingU. I took a trip to New York to visit with a gentlemen who owns his own app development company. The appointment was at Starbucks where we casually talked for an hour about his background and mine. It was great to pick someones else’s brain who is already successful and already successful in the app industry. At the end of the meeting it was clear, we both thought that I needed to find a coder from a school that would be willing to work for a small fee and in return receive some ownership of the app.

The Next Move

Since my sister goes to New York University I asked her if there was a gaming division or major, she of course had no clue since she is studying to become a director. We looked up the major to find out what building it was in, which then led to us finding out the contact of who was in charge of this division. I ordered an Uber as quickly as I could so that we could head to the correct building where the Gaming Center was located. Took the elevator to the 8th floor and that’s when my jaw immediately dropped. I’m sure many schools have something like this now, but for me it was the first time I was seeing it. The whole floor consists of tiny huddle spaces, bigger classrooms that had glass doors so you could see inside them and open areas to collaborate with a group of members. Not to mention they also had a LAN that the students created where you go in the room, pick any older or newer games and bang get playing.


My sister and I walked to the office of the Division leader and knocked on the door. Introduced ourselves and why we were standing there in front of him. He told us he had to run and go teach a class, but he ended up still giving us his contact info so that at the least we could send him an email. If my sister and I hesitated probably 30 seconds in the decision to come and try and meet this guy we probably would have missed him. The next thing we did is we headed to the lobby where there were groups of kids sitting together at tables. I got their attention, told them why I was standing in front of them and the opportunity at hand, and I ended up gaining some interest. About five developers or future developers gave me their contact information so that I could get in touch with them about coding my app.

I left that night thinking how great of a day it was, sometimes in life you just have to get up and just go do things while not giving two shits what the outcome is.

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– AJ Picard – CEO of GamingU

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