Stronghold 2 is finally back after being shut down in 2014. The game was originally released in 2005 and our team LOVED it. The best part about it was the multiplayer, whoever’s base is the last one standing… wins.

What’s New?


Stronghold 2 Remastered comes with many new features… the first one are it’s graphics. The game looked beautiful in 2005 but it looks even better now. From the structure of the buildings to how people in each army look. With the enhanced graphics, multiplayer has also been fixed which is what we’re really excited for. Medieval games that consist of building bases and army’s are right up our ally… especially if it’s against other people. Last but not least the game has new maps to explore and play on.

If you already own Stronghold 2 the upgrade to the remastered version is free. If you don’t own it the price is $15, if you order the game before October 14th you will receive a discount and the game will be $12.

Our team was a huge fan of this game and we can’t wait to play the remastered version. How are you guys enjoying Stronghold 2 so far?

– The GamingU Team

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