By David Hill
If you haven’t had the chance to play it this weekend, the Splatoon Global Testfire happened. For those few people that did buy a Wii-U and liked the original Splatoon, hope has risen that Switch’s popularity will drive Splatoon to even higher popularity.

The “Testfire” gave us a peek into what Nintendo has in store for the sequel to Splatoon. This peek was small, and aside from some tweaks, Splatoon 2 promises to be largely the same as its predecessor. Interestingly, it seems that Nintendo will bank on the Wii-U’s unpopular reception to allow them to bring games over to the Switch that are very similar.

There are of course some differences. Models for characters are cleaner and the two maps players could play felt larger and more complex. Shooting mechanics felt about the same as the original, but the weapons themselves have had some tweaks. The Roller for example moves much faster. The lack of a second screen ala Wii-U console means that you have no way of looking at the map while staying active in the game. Viewing the map now leaves you vulnerable during matches.

Splatoon 2 is shaping up to be more of the same fun that the original was. No word is available on a specific release date, but we can look forward to playing the family-friendly shooter sometime this summer!