Skyrim Special Edition released a very cool game mode called “Survival”. For now this mode has been available to download on steam since September 27 and it’s free until October 10th. The PS4 and Xbox version will be coming out early this month as well.

The reason why we want to write a blog post on this is due to the fact that in our opinion more open world RPG’s should be like this. The main focus of this mode is no longer to explore the open world map but instead to survive. The game now takes into effect many things you now have to worry about Hunger, Weather and Stamina.


Hunger is very self explanatory. You obviously have to find food in order to survive, as you get hungrier it then starts to affect your stamina. This can then also effect the the types of weapons you can wield. Cooked foods help restore your hunger faster which is always a smart thing to look for. Be aware if you eat uncooked food, your character can get food poisoning which then affects your hunger even more.

Stamina is another thing you need to worry about. If you start to lose stamina it starts to effect your Magicka, the more tired you are the less Magicka you can use. If you continue to not get any rest the low stamina level then reduces the amount potions heal/restore you. Try to find a nice comfortable bed to sleep in and you will received a “Rested” bonus for your character.

Weather…. good old weather. I love when the environment effects the game you’re playing, how much more realistic can a game get right? If you’re exploring in raining or snowy areas be careful your hero will get “Cold”. When you’re cold it decreases your total health and as you get colder your movement speed starts to slow down. If you get even colder well I hate to break it to you but you die. You can always warm up by getting close to a fire, moving to warmer location, or getting warmer clothes. Keep in mind if you swim in freezing water you’re risking the chance of dying… immediately.

Fast Travel is disabled in survival mode which means you will be walking by foot or horseback every where you go. So make sure you’re packing enough food and water to keep your hero going!

We think more games should be built like this game mode. Now a days single player campaigns are just to easy to play and they get boring very quickly. Don’t we want games that more realistic and harder to play? Who cares about graphics now a days, there going to continue to get better and better what we can’t lose site of is the game itself and most importantly the experience.

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