By Cameron Farag

Rocket League is going back to the top, by crumbling to the bottom. Today Rocket League Developers announced a new game mode named DropShot to be released March 22, free for all players. The trailer looks stunning and is highly anticipated by fans of this game.

Rocket League has always made game modes that add highly unrealistic yet original and creative physics to sports as in hockey, basketball, or dominantly soccer. DropShot steps in as a unique approach to a unique game. While keeping the physics we know and love this game for, there’s no actual sport that DropShot is associated with, although it’s been considered that the game mode was inspired by their basketball game mode, Hoops.

DropShot is a game mode in which the arena floor is divided in two and covered in hexagonal tiles. Every time you hit the ball it will change to the color of your team, and charge up. As the ball hits the tiles it will remove them, the more charge the ball has acquired the more tiles affected by the hit. These openings will be your objective, as you want to hit the ball in the openings after personally charging it to score a goal, keeping the ball in air on your side as much as possible. Although it may seem like the openings are also a threat to your cars, you drive over the openings as if the tiles were still there.DropShot also has no boost pickups like game modes have had in the past, instead they fill themselves up over time, creating a more fair environment to players.

The DropShot update comes with a few new features, including a new car, Endo, six trophies/achievements affiliated with the new game mode. We encourage you to check out the trailer here, and remember to check back here at GamingU for your best game reviews and news.

– Cameron Farag (GamingU Editor)