By: Zach Cutshall

Capcom has been known to make a horror game. Until the past few years, when the horror genre has steadily declined. We have had several try to reboot the genre but have not fully executed, yet. Capcom is doing its best to resurrect this genre. This game a killer story and  a plethora of replay ability.

Resident Evil 7 is a phenomenal game. I picked it up and played for only a few hours the first night. I could hardly sleep, because I wanted to continue throughout the story so bad. I woke up and played for 5 hours straight, which allowed me to finally finish 1 of 2 endings. As expected there are jump scares, but there are moments that are absolutely horrifying. During one part of the story, you travel to a house for certain reasons. Once scene the game has you open up a door where you’re greeted by swarms of bugs. I feel sorry for you if you have Entomophobia because this scene really freaked me out.

The game has one main currency known as Antique Coins. They allow you to buy weapons and upgrades throughout the game. RE7 also has a DLC already out, it includes several banned footage tapes that play as mini games. There’s even an additional DLC being released in the near future. “Not A Hero” DLC is set to launch in Spring 2017 and is planned to be completely free.

Resident Evil is astounding, I would recommend it to all my friends. It is also VR compatible, so if you’re in for a real spook this is the game for you.

– The GamingU team

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