“Encourage your kids to play video games, it’s best for their future.”

Video games are becoming more of a daily lifestyle for not only kids but adults to. What’s insane is that growing up as a 90s baby playing video games has always been a negative thing to do. What I constantly heard growing up were, video games make your kids violent and they’re not good, your kid need to go outside more and exercise, sitting on the couch/chair all day isn’t good for his/her health, video games are meant for kids with no lives and only “nerds” play them.

This article will be on why you need to stop hating on video games…. PERIOD


Video games are becoming more and more popular due to eSports and the latest research that scientists have been doing on them. These two things alone are making it “Cool” to play video games and here’s why.

An example of the benefits that Video Games can do for an individual:

⁃Boost Memory

⁃Increase Coordination

⁃Good Cognitive Health

⁃Reduces Stress and Depression

⁃Sharpen Decision Making

These skills can be used throughout your life which is why people are realizing how positive video games really are. What’s insane is their starting to make their way into schools, Minecraft is becoming even more common in the classroom. Microsoft has developed classes with Minecraft to put students in situations to problem solve, whether it’s running a villages economy or where to go to find/create tools needed to build their community. With the technology sector growing massively over the course of the years this is another reason why video games are growing.

eSports has changed the game literally, playing video games is now considered a sport, I mean who in a million years would have ever thought that? Exactly NO ONE. Since the explosion of eSports which involves DOTA, League of Legends, and other online games it’s clear that being a professional gamer can be a job occupation. There are some gamers out there that are making massive amounts of money just by being great at a video game, winning tournaments and getting sponsors. So again, why are we hating on anyone for playing games again?

“The potential to make a living in this industry in endless.”


As a parent or an individual I would encourage anyone to play video games. You obviously don’t want to do overdue it to the point where you’re not getting enough exercise and jeopardizing your health.

Everything in life has a limit right?

The moral of the story is the gaming industry is very new when it comes to the competitive market and if you want to enter it you’re entering it at the right time. there are actually more positives to playing video games than negatives, just look at the points I’ve stated above. Some negatives could be you’re effecting your social life since you’re not really hanging out with anyone but in a way you are since you’re engaging with people online even though you might not know them personally. Another negative could obviously be your health if you aren’t exercising regularly.

What if you tell your kid/friend/family member to not play video games and they have everything you need to be a legit professional gamer. Do you know how much success they could be missing out on? What if the person you’re telling to quit needs just one person in their life to believe in them and they could a special figure in the industry, would you regret making them quit? Just remember next time you go to judge someone for playing video games or tell them to stop playing take a step back and actually think about them as a person and what they want to do in life.

Remember, never judge a book by its cover

⁃The GamingU Team

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