Game Description:

Guide Bob back to his spaceship! Each level in this crazy physics puzzle game is split across 2 planets that you “flip between with a swipe! Bend your mind around wacky interplanetary puzzles as you teleport Bob (and other things!) between planets at different screen rotations, dodging other aliens and making use of black holes and giant space magnets!


Scheming Cat Software’s game Planet Flip is an enjoyable, albeit familiar, physics-driven puzzler suitable for all ages. Players are set on a course to assist the adorable “Bob” return safely to his spaceship.

At each level you are faced with adversity in the form of grumpy aliens, black holes, alien spaceships, and giant space magnets. Leaving the alien adversaries aside, it is the elements of magnets/magnetism combined with the integrated collection of green star achievements each board that drudges up recollections of Cut the Rope. Top that off with a very cute, green, main character and the similarities become unsettling.

These derivatives, however, do not destroy the game for players. One refreshing element is the use of black holes to transport between worlds and complete levels. The drops and cuts a player faces within the levels as they utilize black holes and magnets will hold their attention and leave them wanting to return to particularly difficult puzzles to improve their scores.

If you are looking for a user friendly, intellectual, puzzler this game is for you. With more than 80 levels and over 170 planet locations to solve, Planet Flip is a bargain that will have you spaced out each time to return.

– The GamingU Team