From The Behemoth: Master the destiny of a full cast of tragically unique heroes as you plot a course across an apocalyptic wonderland! In our fast-paced, turn-based, co-op adventure you’ll quest and explore, find awesome loot, customize your fighters, and recruit strange species!


Game development house The Behemoth recently released its newest offering Pit People on the Steam Early Access and XBox One Game Preview programs. If you believe the reviews of over 3,000 users on both platforms, a player can count on quality gameplay for the $14.99 they are going to shell out.
Players are thrown right into the action as Horatio, a blueberry farmer, who is called to action through an attack on his homestead and family. The introduction is fast-paced and heartbreaking, and forces players to acclimate to the plot and new gaming style.
If you have loved The Behemoth’s past titles — Alien HominidCastle Crashers, and BattleBlock Theater — you might be a bit offset by the new format and gameplay Pit People offers. The modified board game turn based movement and role-playing game character development and personalization stray from the hack and slash style gameplay players have come to expect.
The expectation of the fluid, level based, side scroller and being forced into this slower-paced experience was at first off-putting. As it is a game preview, and not the final polished version, the player is witness to the quality variance in cutscene animations and graphics, frustrating losses of player movement arrows amongst tight roadmap style attacks and counters, and at times loading holds during the game. One might even be tempted to use the word “disappointing”, but only for a moment.
Even with all of the work and updates the game preview is going through, it is still an obvious Behemoth game. The stylized characters with literary roots (a personal favorite is the modified Iliad throwback name ‘Jerkimedes’), the protagonist’s call to action through violence, even the color palette let you know the team hasn’t forgotten it’s roots, only attempted to reshape them. Instead of helpless damsels, Pit People introduces mace wielding warrior princesses with attack advantages over armored fiends, and living cupcake friends who heal the team during battles. And if that wasn’t enough, players of the previous games are rewarded with swag once you get to the first town. Helmets of the knights of Castle Crashers, the head of Hatty Hattington from BattleBlock Theatre, and other items are gifted to you for being a dedicated Behemoth gamer. What you aren’t gifted, you can unlock throughout gameplay.

Pit People’s soundtrack is also very reminiscent of Castle Crashers and the other forefather games. However, what really makes the difference for players is the inclusion of a snarky narrator who is both our guide to the world of Pit People and Horatio’s antagonist. Scenes that would otherwise be emotionally jarring to players are softened with the sarcasm and randomness the narrator brings. It will be enjoyable to see how this omnipotent being morphs between the game preview and the final version.

If you loved Behemoth’s other games, or are a huge fan of turn based gameplay, Pit People is for you. The entire experience for a new player is fun and memorable. The replay value is high with the renewal of character and “insane mode” acquisition taking place only after achieving certain gameplay gates. This isn’t a quick level grind style game, but if you have some time to sit back and immerse yourself in game play for 30 minutes or more you will be glad you did.

– Matty Mac of The Coop (GamingU Editor)
Link to gameplay demo of beginning: https://youtu.be/bjVsQy4U05A