PAX East is right around the corner and we can’t wait to attend the event again. PAX is known for obviously all of the cool costumes that people wear and testing out a lot of the new games that will be coming out, which is what this article will be about. Indie Games are growing at a rapid rate and I’m very excited about it. Many of these games turn out to be really good and most importantly cheap. If you’re an Indie Developer or going to talk to Indie Developers or have anything related to Indie Games… read the rest of this article.

We Want To Help

My team will be showing up to the event to simply test as many Indie Games as we can. We’re looking to interview as many developers as we can and in return create video reviews for them. We will be posting all the content we create through our channels. Our team is focused on helping Indie Developers grow their games as much as we can and here’s the plan on how we’re going to achieve that. By the way all we’re asking is for you to cooperate and nothing else.

GamingU which is our app, right now only focuses on educating gamers on the bigger titles games, which is great but we wanted to do more than that. Our team is implementing an Indie Game Page which will now allow gamers to not only learn about the bigger title games but the smaller ones to. The goal is to implement as many Indie Games as we can inside the app in hopes to help create more awareness. As we wait for this to be completed, we want to interview/develop relationships with as many Indie Dev’s as we can, so that we can go beyond our app and help them grown in other ways.

Please if you see anyone wearing our shirt don’t hesitate to walk up to us and say:

“Hey, I created an Indie Game and I was hoping you guys can do a review on it.”

Our answer will ALWAYS be:

“Let’s do it.”

If you wanted to talk BEFORE PAX EAST email us at Business(dot)GamingU@gmail(dot)com or get in touch with us on any social media platform: @GamingU_App

Looking forward to hearing from you.

– The GamingU Team

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