If you haven’t heard of Northgard I highly suggest you look into it, this game is going to be an instant classic. I came across this game during PAX East which then aloud me to do an inclusive interview on their dev team. If you’re interested you can watch the short interview here.

Northgard is very unique, the game has been created with customized code from the owner aka head developer. He’s developed his own language for this game which is why it has such a beautiful feel to it. Along with the gameplay, the graphics that have been added to it take the game to another level. The Northgard team provided me with a steam key where I was able to test the game, I played last night for about 6 hours (I’m hooked). The game involves a ton of strategy and I mean A TON of strategy. If you played Civilization before it’s almost the same concept, build your base up, recruit soldiers and take over the world. Northgard has the same concept but how they do it is way different.

The most important unit in the game is the Villager. You get Villagers by keeping your city happy which can be very hard to do especially during winter. These Villagers are the main units you need to drive your city. They build new buildings, collect food and can then transform into other units. This is what I mean by transform, if you build a barracks this allows you to have soldiers. All you need to do to create a soldier is click on a Villager, and click the barracks building. The Villager will walk up to the barracks and turn into a soldier for you. You will continue to do the same thing through out the game, as you build more and more buildings.

What’s great about Northgard is the game is very difficult. It’s not a game where you’re going to always beat the computer. The three games I’ve played, I was losing every time. Along with competing with computers, you have to constantly fight off wolves raiding your city and random soldiers. Villagers are constantly stoping their current work to fight off the enemies and sometimes die. Every villager is crucial in the growth of your city so if they’re stopping their work or actually end up dying it can really hurt, especially in the winter.

If you watch Game of Thrones you will understand this next quote.

Winter is coming

Northgard literally warns you that winter is coming and that you have to prepare for it. I love games where the environment can effect your gameplay. When winter comes it’s a brutal three months, December – February. During this time your food generation rapidly starts to deplete, along with your wood supply. These two supplies are crucial to the growth of your city. What’s great about Northgard is the environments constantly changing, winter can normal or it can be very hard… especially when a blizzard hits.

Overall Thoughts

Northgard is a better Civilization in my opinion. The game is so fluent, the combat system is very attractive and the UI is absolutely beautiful. With the custom code there’s not going to be anything like this game again unless the lead developer (Owner) decides to make another game. Highly suggest trying out the early access on steam that is gong on right now. After talking to the developers, there’s only single player mode with 4 different classes to choose from. They will be implementing multiplayer mode where you and a buddy can fight against other players, this mode is coming in summer.

Really hope you enjoyed this review, currently working on a video review on this game so that you can see more gameplay.

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– AJ Picard – CEO of GamingU