We had the pleasure this weekend to again test another Indie Game, if you have an Indie Game you want us to test send an email to Business(dot)GamingU(at)gmail(dot)com or get in touch with us anywhere on social media. The game we tested was NakedMan vs The Clothes or NakedMan for short.


NakedMan is a pretty cool game, we actually couldn’t stop laughing the first couple minutes into it, because the guy you control is Naked and what’s attacking you are literally his clothes! Each level you have dodge obstacles, jump over pits of lava, and shoot your clothes that are always looking to attack you. The game is like the classic Mario’s instead of collection coins, you’re killing your clothes.

NakedMan was actually very difficult at first, but man is it addicting. I love how after you die the games wastes no time, you’re instantly back at the beginning of the level. I also love how the game gives you three hearts, every time you get hit by your clothes or whatever their shooting you with you lose a heart. This gives you room to mess up which we actually did a lot so, 4FreaksFiction (the developers) thank you implementing that feature into the game.

The graphics are just like any other Indie Game out there, obviously it isn’t top notch. What covers it up is again the gameplay, each level gets harder and harder and you have to time EVERYTHING. Steam obviously sees the potential and so do the fans, NakedMan is a Greenlight game for Steam and again…. Congratulations 4FreaksFiction that’s an amazing accomplishment.

“It’s not a walk in the park which is why I love it.”

Our team is going to give this game an 8.5/10 for the reasons we stated above. We ran into zero bugs, time flew while we were playing which means we were having fun and last but not least who else wouldn’t want to run around naked?

Learn more about NakedMan here on Steams website and thank you 4FreaksFiction for allowing us to review your game.

– The GamingU Team

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