On our quest to find a developer to join our team for equity in our app (still looking) the one gentlemen we interviewed who goes by the name of Mycah Krason intrigued us, just by telling our team his story. It caught our attention so much that we felt like we needed to write a blog post about it.

The Start

Mycah explained to us how he was a Math Tutor for a middle school while he took classes at a community college. He expresses his frustration of feeling “stuck” in life, something we all feel at least once right? Mycah decided he wanted to start creating music which is why he developed his own CD to sell, once he completed the CD he quickly realized that he needed a site to sell the CD on. There were no funds to pay a developer to build the website so the route he took was to teach himself, which he did. Mycah created a website to sell his CD by teaching himself HTML, Css and Javascript during his free time. After that he found a connection with the internet security podcast called Greynoise which helped him create his own hosting for his website, so that he didn’t have to pay for it. Mycah is the man, he’s created a CD filled with his own music on his own, taught himself how to code which led him to creating his website, learned how to host his own website and to think it doesn’t get better, it does.

As people listened to Mycah’s music they were constantly telling him that the songs he created reminded them of songs they felt like they would hear in video games. So what did Mycah do? He decided to learn how to create a video game, why not right? Already created a website on his own how hard could this be? Mycah’s been developing games a little over a year now and has a total of 5 games available of in the App Store.

You can contact him here: 

Website:  www.mokithedestroyer.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mokithedestroyer

Twitter: www.twitter.com/mokidestroyer


The Finish

The moral of the story is this, you can do anything in life that you set your mind to.

Mycah was a math tutor, who than became a musician, who then became a web developer, who than became an indie developer. Now he’s creating video games and music for those video games… best of both worlds right?

I felt like I had to share this story with you guys, as Mycah was explaining his road to where he is today, I felt like I could relate to him. The journey I’ve embarked on building this app has been a jagged one just like his, only a matter of time before the both of us actually do get what we want, success.

– The GamingU Team

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