Hello All,

AJ Picard here CEO of GamingU. I wanted to write this request in hopes to find some future GamingU employees. Right now our community is growing at very steady rate inside Discord. We have one writer and one video editor on the team, their doing a GREAT job helping us put out the content we need to put out. I’m writing this letter because we need to fill some more spots.

Here are some of the spots that are open:

  1. Writer – This consists of someone writing up on gaming news or anything video game related
  2. Editor – This person will read through our blog/social media posts for any sort of spelling errors
  3. Graphic Designers – Would love to have a passionate Graphic Designer who is constantly creating graphics for us, or is creating graphics based on my requests
  4. Popular Streamer – We need a big time streamer who’s willing to represent the brand (More details on this position once you contact us)
  5. iOS/Android Developer – We want to add a developer to the team that we can rely on to add all of the new features

The people we have right now are currently doing all of their services for free, because they enjoy the app and they want to be along for the ride. Most importantly they see the vision I have and they believe in me, I can’t thank them enough for that.

Good News

The good new is this, our app has been approved by Facebook Start Up program, FB Start. They’ve granted us 40k in free services, one of those services is Pitchbook. This is where we’re creating a page/presentation to try and get funded so that we can build our infrastructure and market our app.

Again if you’re reading this, just think about it. The workload I’m asking for isn’t intense, I’m a casual guy and I know you have a life outside of work. I’m just looking for a support team so that I can continue to promote/grow the app. If you want to get in touch with me here is the contact information you need:

Email: Business(dot)GamingU(at)gmail(dot)com

DM on Socials Media:

Snapchat: @GamingU_App


Instagram:  @GamingU_App



Looking forward to hearing from someone.

– AJ Picard CEO of GamingU

On a side note, if you’re an Indie Developer please email us (see above for contact information) we want to test your games. We will add your game to our app if you didn’t know is helping gamers find new video games to play, we will also write a blog post on it and promote it on our social media accounts.