An Endless Runner for Furries

Like anthropomorphic characters? Like endless runners and platform games? Well then you need to play this game, JB:E is a fun endless runner. It’s a colorful game despite the destruction that is happening all around you. Play as Bearnard (by default) or another of the other 6 cute characters in the game. Run and jump over pits, fire, and pits of fire while snagging points, speed reducers, health, and fireworks to give you a double jump when you get into a tight spot.

This game isn’t reinventing the endless runner, but I enjoyed the change of scenery and the character designs. Sound effects and music fit perfectly with the art style and controls were very responsive. One interesting feature I hadn’t seen in these types of games is the slow-motion events. This seems to happen when you jump just a little too soon. While I think it’s intended to give you time to use a handy rocket if you have one, or just add dramatic effect when you just barely make the leap, it can also feel like the game is letting you watch your character fail slowly, just to rub salt in the wound.

In future iterations, I would love to see the different characters have more than a cosmetic effect. One character has a cape and it would be cool if that had some effect mechanically in the game. I like this game enough to want to see what other cool and fun things can come out of it in future patches. Its free too with no micro-transactions, so if you are trying to kill time on your commute to work or school, it’s not a bad way to do it!

– The GamingU Team

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