You’re never to old to game

I was doing some basic work on Snapchat a couple of weeks ago, which allowed me to discover something amazing. I was promoting our app GamingU (Check it out here) and one of the snappers that I snap sent me a message.

“Hey I showed my 70 year old grandma who is an active gamer your app and she loves it”

I didn’t even care this guy helped spread the word about our app, I was more shocked that his 70 year old grandma gamed. I wanted to learn more about her so I sent her some questions.

What was the first game you played?

“I started up playing pong I guess in 74 to 79”

What game are you excited to play?

“I’m excited about Mass Effect Andromeda”

How long do you game a day?

“I play anywhere from 15 to 18 hours a day, this is my retirement lol”

Don’t you see? You’re never to old to play video games. This women is 70 years old and games everyday. I can only wish at that age I’m still gaming. I mean can you imagine being retired and being able to game for 10+. I tried to tell Joy that she should pick up streaming, for a couple of reasons.

  1. I guarantee you people will watch her game
  2. It’s a great side hustle and you never know how much money you could actually make

She didn’t really entertain the idea but hey at least I tried. Could someone find out if there is a Grandma of the Year award? If there make sure you vote for Joy.

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– The GamingU Team