Growing up as a gamer we were always interested in playing the bigger title games, for example like Halo, Call Of Duty, World Of Warcraft and more. We was always about the graphics and the competitive aspect of each game. As we grew up things started to change, graphics really didn’t matter to be but what did instead was the content.

Bigger Titles

The bigger title games are focused on the things in our opinion. These bigger games have a massive budget with a massive team. They focus on creating an amazing online experience along with putting in so much time in effort into the graphics/environments. Indie Developers have a massive advantage over these companies and the best part is gamers are finally starting to notice it.

Indie Games For The Win

Indie Games are developed usually by a small team of developers. The reason why we really became a huge fan of these types of games are due to the amount of content imbedded into the actually game. They always seem to have so much more content than the bigger title games which our team loves so much. Have you ever noticed playing any Indie Game campaign or even cooperative mode how much more fun you end up having? Their are always so many more mechanics embedded into the game than the bigger titles games that we’re used to.

In our opinion Indie Games are the future and instead of having a handful of bigger companies making bigger games it’s going to migrate to a lot of smaller companies making smaller games.

What do you guys think… are you a fan of Indie Games?

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– The GamingU Team