Game Overview: Layers of Fear

By Cameron Farag

This game is frightening in a small package. You’re playing as a man exploring a painter’s home, which in itself holds a mystery unknown. You can find newspaper articles, notes, letters, in order to try and discover the origin to the horror.

Game Review

I thought Layers of Fear was fascinating, I broke the first rule of video games, you can’t judge a game by it’s cover. But as I looked into the game and pictures of it, I had a very judgmental mindset. I assumed it wouldn’t be scary and I was 100% wrong. The movement is definitely slower, and the graphics aren’t terrible it could always be better, but they definitely get the job done. Putting graphics and movement aside, the actual gameplay was shocking. As I said I started it very judgmental,  as soon as they started throwing anything creepy, jump scares, background noises, and more, I almost turned it off. Layers of Fear actually shocked me, and I was honestly impressed. They do a great job putting clues and “puzzle pieces” to what’s really going on throughout the game, and most importantly they do a great job creeping you out. I’m rating it a 7.5 out of 10, the only major downfall for me is the movement, it’s a bit choppy, but in general a great game to try.

– The GamingU Team

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