For Honor was released last week on 2/14 and it’s received a lot of hype from the gaming community. Ubisoft has again made another hit. What makes this game so unique is the combat system, what do you think is it a good or bad?


Playing For Honor has been a blast. We would have loved to see other features and content added to it, but you had to expect that with an Ubisoft game… just look at their history. The combat system is different in For Honor, as you’re fighting with your soldier against other enemy soldiers it all comes down to having flat out skill. You’re not going to kill your enemy just by spamming heavy attack or face rolling on your keyboard/controller thinking that will do the trick… I’m sure you can name some games where tactics like this work.

In combat you have to be patient, focus on what the other enemy is doing. The key thing you have to get very good at is defending, know how to block your defenders attack and on top of that interrupting them. When you interrupt the enemy is stunned, which allows you to unravel a massive heavy attack when their most vulnerable. In order to block the enemies attacks you need to make sure your using your join stick and pointing the same direction as the enemies incoming attack. This can be super difficult and can end up killing you if you’re not focused on it.

Many gamers can’t stand this game and actually couldn’t stand it when the beta was live, due to the way the combat system worked. In my opinion, do you why know I think they don’t like it? Because it’s difficult, now a days you can only list a handful of games that are hard to play.

Every game feels like it’s super easy to be good at it, admit it.

I think Ubisoft is going to make a bigger impact on the industry than they think, For Honor I believe is the first step into changing the combat systems in video games. Gamers will soon want more of a challenge and most importantly they want to stay entertained in the game.

Well, we have some good news for you. For Honor give all of you Gamers a challenge while entertaining you with the gory finishing moves each character possesses.

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  • The GamingU Team

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