We had the pleasure of reviewing an app called Hero 911 Simulator, now after you read that title you’re probably thinking to yourself… there’s no way this app can be good, well my friend you’re wrong.

You start off by creating a profile in the app which is pretty much just filling out your name. The app does a GREAT job at providing you instructions on how to use the app and what each page represents, without the tutorial I would have been lost. Thank you Jessie Albuarki (developer) for implementing that feature.

Once you’re done with the intro you jump right into the point of the app which is to answer the 911 phone calls like you’re an actual Dispatcher. Once you answer the phone you then start to have conversation with the other person on the other line. The app provides you with different options on how to answer the person after their finished talking. You have to be strategic with the answers you choose, you might piss off the user, you might scare them or frustrate them, each answer causes a different reaction. The goal is to figure out what’s wrong with the end user and send them help.

This app can really make you feel awful if you don’t get through to the end user, it’s almost like it’s your fault for why someone ends up getting injured or even dies. For instance I just took a call where the end user was an Astronaut who was lossed in space. I tried to keep her calm as much as I could. I tried to get in contact with NASA but all of their lines were busy, I then dialed directly to my supervisor but he to didn’t answer. The Astronaut got so frustrated that the conversation was going no where they hung up.

Now after each call you go to the “Profile” page which explains the results after your conversation on the phone with them. The Astronaut I was working with ended up never being found after a malfunction in the ship when she was outside repairing it. The app makes you take a step back and think, how could I have handled the call differently to try and save this person?

Thank god this is fake, but man do you get a feel for what it’s really like for an actual dispatcher

The down fall about this game is the UI. It looks mediocre in our opinion, there were times to that the graphics overlapped each other. If the UI was improved and they tracked your success rate of saving people I think this game could be a lot better. All in all just based off of the game itself we’re giving it a 7.5/10.

You can download the game here

– The GamingU Team

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