By John Heaton

There is not many card games popular in the gaming spectrum in recent years. This is caused by repeated ideas, unwanted spinoff titles, and horribly designed games. The way this company has crafted this game, is nothing like that. This mythical-battlefield card game based off the Witcher minigame, may change it all.

Gwent is all about strategy, like any game. There is many strategies to use, and many to defend against. The decks also have an influence in the strategy you use. Such as a deck with more offense cards than support cards, or vice-versa. This is something that is not done well with other games.
The situation with most card games are that the card graphics are boring and mostly just portraits. In this game, the graphics on the card are unique, such as “Impenetrable Fog” which gives an eery effect by having a detailed scared face on the archer portrayed and highly detailed omniscient fog. The action animations are also very detailed and crisp.

The multiplayer part of it is very good. The matchmaking average time is only 5 seconds. There is two reasons for this, one of which being that there is a good stable server, and another reason for this is that it has cross-platform multiplayer. Which is nice for people who want to play together, but have the game for a different platform.
Overall, Gwent is a masterpiece of a game. I don’t even like to play card games, I think everyone should give this game a chance.