Dear Gamers,

My name is AJ Picard I’m the CEO/Founder of an app called GamingU (Check it out here). I’m writing this letter to you, because I could really use your help. If you don’t know GamingU is helping gamers like yourself find new video games to play for the platforms they game own. Imagine our app as a massive Video Game Index.

Here’s what I need you to do for us. Simply interact and share this article on all of your Social Media newsfeed’s.

This year for us has been the year of growth, but also the year of many growing pains. Here are some of the milestones we hit in 2017:

  • We released our Android version
  • Last year we had around 400 downloads. This year we’ve hit 4,000… talk about increase!
  • We’re averaging around 70-150 users a month still very small but huge upgrade from last year

Now all of this growth is great and most importantly it keeps our team motivated to continue to bring you the greatest gaming news. Before I dive into some services we’re looking for if you can help us in any way please email our team at

In 2017 we ran out of funds to continue development which then led us searching for a new Free Lance Developer… we’re still looking. We’re actually offering equity to join our team at a discounted rate. If you know someone… EMAIL US.

I’ve been reaching out to incubators and investors trying to get our app funded so we can take it to the next level. Again if you know anyone that might be interested in hearing our pitch… EMAIL US.

Our vision for the GamingU is very unique, we understand that the market is very crowded and we have a plan to really separate ourselves from the competition. Here are some examples on what we plan on doing.

  • Remove store section in GamingU and integrate the “News” section. Gamers can go to this tab to read up on gaming news in the industry while their looking for new video games to play
  • Redesign our User Interface
  • Add Nintendo Switch and other new console platforms
  • Fix the backend of the app so that the information is translated quicker
  • The specialist section we’re redesigning, this feature will separate us from EVERYONE. No one is doing what we will be doing and trust you gamers are going to really enjoy it.

I want to thank every gamer reading this article even if you don’t like, comment or share this article. The fact that one user a day uses our app keeps the companies heart going. The only thing we can do is continue to strive for greatness when it comes to providing every gamer with gaming information.

We hope you continue to our app GamingU and you can download it here.