Fire Emblem: Heroes – Save the Heroes!

By: A.D. Hill

For many, Fire Emblem has been a beloved franchise, it blew up even more from the  introduction of Marth in Super Smash Brothers. With over a dozen games in total dedicated to the Fire Emblem universe, there are a host of characters and stories to hook you into their rich tapestries.

Now with Fire Emblem: Heroes, players can revisit all of their favorite – and not-so-favorite – characters from across many of the Fire Emblem games. Released as a lucrative free-to-play on mobile devices, fans of the franchise will have plenty to sink their teeth into. Gameplay is very similar to what most fans are familiar with in current games. You can build several teams of your favorite and most powerful heroes, customizing your strategy before each battle. Characters have weapon categories that dictate what they are weak and strong against in a “rock, paper, scissors” scheme. The grid layout over a map is exactly what we have seen from the series’ main titles. Map complexity, character abilities and leveling all progress fairly smoothly, through simply playing the game. Training new skills, and summoning new heroes will cost you the game currency of Orbs however, and your Stamina is of course a limiter to how much you’ll be able to collect in a given day without spending real cash to buy more Orbs to recharge your Stamina.

One feature I wish Nintendo did is at least make the game an open world just like they did in the original Fire Emblem. I think it’s a major constraint when you’re able to explore freely with the hero you’re focused on building.

Still the gameplay is robust enough to stand on its own as long as you aren’t looking to excel and simply want just to fill up some time with a fun and beautiful game. The writing is camping as it gets, which should come as no surprise to anyone, and it did get a few chuckles out of me when reading the dialog. I recommend this game for anyone not allergic to mobile, free-to-play games. I still feel like Nintendo settled when they were creating this game, in my opinion this could have been as large as Pokemon Go was if they didn’t restrict you as much as they do. Pokemon Go was great due to the open world feeling, Fire Emblem should have been the same game as it was on the Gameboy, but better.

Lastly, as a bonus, until February 20th you receive a discount on many Stamina-based purchases in the game as well bonus orbs to start you off with a good boost.