Have you ever just taken a step back to think, is eSports ruining the gaming industry?

We wanted to give our opinion and in return hear what you guys have to say. As I’m sure everyone knows by now, eSports is a billion dollar industry and it continues to grow. I mean the championship games are broadcasted through ESPN, once this happened we knew this was going to continue to grow. The crazy thing is gamers can now go to college on a scholarship just by being “Good” at a competitive game.

Ok, enough talking about what eSports actually is, let’s jump into why we think it’s ruining the industry. With tournaments and competitive games becoming the real money makers, it’s obvious video game developers are focused on creating a game that accommodates these gamers/tournaments. In our opinion this is the downfall. Gamers are so spoiled right now, the last perfect game that was release was Halo. Every game since then if you noticed has ALWAYS been something wrong it.

It seems that these new games that these bigger companies are making are focused solely on Multiplayer and the competitive aspect of it. That’s why in our opinion we aren’t seeing any more fun cooperative or even single player games. The last game single player game that we really enjoyed was The Last Of Us and that was during the PS3 days.

Don’t you see?

The industry is just so watered down now, no developer cares about just that one gamer that is going to enjoy their game. Their to focused on making it as competitive as they can since they know it retains gamers attention.

If it was up to us, we wish we could go back to the PS2 or N64 days when video games were all about the quality and not the quantity. Do you remember the first Call of Duty ever released? How epic was that game…. Now think of the last couple of copies that have been released, there is NO comparison. The reason for all this is due to multiplayer/competitive gaming becoming more popular due to eSports.

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