As everyone I’m sure already knows Destiny 2 will be releasing on September 8th. If you’re are a hardcore Destiny player already you should be very excited due to the amount of content that will be releasing with this game.

Let’s jump into it…

Destiny in my opinion has always just been a “Good” game not instead of a “Great” one. Being a competitive gamer it always seemed like the end game has been focused on PVE or raiding instead of PVP. Well say no more, in Destiny 2 PVP is a MAJOR focus. Every match is now 4v4, their are new game modes such as countdown. In countdown you and your team take over a point and defend it (Finally… we’ve been waiting for this). We’re really excited to see the focus in PVP in Destiny 2 and we really think this can bring a lot more players to the game.

The Planets

With all these new additions to the game you have to be wondering how you’re going to level in the expansion right? Don’t worry Bungie has added 4 new planets that you will be able to explore. Each planet has a unique terrain that you will have to overcome as you explore. The best part about exploring in this game is that Bungie has added all sorts of side missions, small instances and events that will award you all different kinds of gear.

Bungie forgot the icing on the cake

We’re watching all these amazing features that Bungie is throwinginto the game that we cannot wait for. New spells for each class, new gear, new missions, new everything… The one feature we felt like they missed out on was not creating a new class. We always thought there should be a healer class in Destiny, this would would allow Bungie to make the raids 10x harder than they already are since there’s a class now that can heal injured heroes and it would also allow them to add more strategy to the raids. On the PVP side we feel like it would add so much more competitiveness to the game which Bungie could then deploy to eSports.

At the end of the day Destiny 2 is going to be an amazing expansion. It gives us all the reason to start playing this game again.

– The GamingU Team

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