Call of Duty WWII will be coming out in November and a lot of us are excited, since the game is going back in time instead of into the future. Let’s be honest all of us never really enjoyed. Battlefield decided to head back in time and it ended up being very popular, once I heard a couple months later that COD was doing the same thing it made me think, is Battlefield ahead of the pack?

E3 is this week and everyone is excited to play all of the new games, what we’re most excited about is hearing from the developers themselves and their vision with the game they’ve created. We were reading an article that USA Today  wrote on E3, one of their writers interviewed the CEO of Activision Eric Hirshberg (Company who makes COD) and what he said really made us think…

“We had reached the point the freshest thing we could do and most welcome by fans is to hit the reset button”

When we were reading this quote we thought, finally their finally listening to the complaints of the users. So many thoughts were going through our head and for a second we became very excited for WWII, but for some reason this random thought popped up in our head and we want to hear your thoughts.

In our opinion these were the “Right” words to use at this moment to the press, get people excited for the release… we think there’s a deep meaning that will never surface for obvious reasons. Like we blogged back when Battlefield originally came out, we felt that it finally passed the COD series not only in popularity but actual quality. Our team felt that Battlefield would be leading the way from now on and in many ways we were right. COD was hurting after the release of Infinite Warfare reports stated that sales were almost down 50%. This was the first COD where our team actually didn’t enjoy playing at all. Anyway back to what we think this quote means.

What we think Eric Hirshberg (CEO of Activision) really meant by this is as follows. Battlefield is on top right now and everything that we’ve done in the past year has not work. We need to focus the game in the same ERA as Battlefield since that’s what users are attracted to right now, but most importantly make their experience, better.

Expect WWII to be “different” in a good way, since Battlefield has officially taken over the market. This is CODs chance to take back the throne. Think of this war between both of these titles like the constant war with Apple and Samsung. Both of these companies are constantly going back and forth trying to take over the market. It’s the same thing you’re seeing with COD and Battlefield and it isn’t going to stop any time soon.

– GamingU Team

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