The console war is brewing again folks, and we’re on the edge of our seats. How relevant will the past consoles be to the power of the future consoles? Sony sure has been keeping their news in the shadows, and they definitely have something worth surprising. Here’s what you need to know:

Xbox’s Project Scorpio was announced and hype was built up, with no news on the Playstation 5 to compete it, yet recently analysts have announced that the PS5 is expected to be released 2018. Now that itself can be a downfall for the PS5, for they have to rely on loyal PlayStation fans and patient gamers, for if they release as expected in the second half of 2018, almost a year after the Scorpio. So Xbox may have the advantage with impatient gamers and loyal fans, yet once the PS5 is announced they seem to have a major advantage. Any gamers that don’t get the PlayStation 5 will give it some serious thought, no matter how loyal they could’ve been to the console wars before.

Analysts say the PS5 will have 10 Teraflops. This will definitely pass Xbox Scorpio, as it’s set to be released with only 6 Teraflops. This is sure to draw the eyes of gamers worldwide. Yet we have to incorporate any game exclusives or deals as well, upon release the Scorpio is expected to have none, or at least none have been announced, while the PS5 is expected to have a solid list of exclusives for their fans, such as major hit, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Now Xbox Scorpio will be released first, but with the 5th installation in the Playstation legacy less than a year later, how long will it reign? More power, more games, PlayStation may have won this one before it even started. All we can do is predict and wait for the official announcement of the PS5, for more gaming news be sure to continue to check out GamingU.

– The GamingU Team