This time last year we were talking about Nintendo running out of businesses. With a change of a CEO the whole company took a complete 360. Within a couple of months Nintendo released Miitomo and of course Pokemon Go which officially resurrected Nintendo. As a gamer you might have not noticed but Nintendo will soon be the power house once again in this industry, here’s why.

Attacking The Mobile Market

With Pokemon GO bringing in millions of dollars within the first couple of weeks Nintendo new exactly what they were doing, since Pokemon GO was keeping them above water during the development of Nintendo Switch. When the Switch was released we realized how much potential Nintendo really has.

Why do we feel like that no one else is seeing what Nintendo is doing, what blows my mind is how much history repeats itself. Gameboy was released in 1989 and was immediately a major hit, with “Gaming” being some what new, the fact that people can now game on the move made it that much better.

Do you see where we’re getting at?

People want convenience, the millennials are always on the move they love innovation. They don’t want to be restricted at home any more when it comes to play video games, that’s why mobile gaming apps do so well. Nintendo sees the potential in that and thats why they’re attacking this market. NS is just getting started and the fact that people are absolutely in love with it is a major bonus. They’ve literally just reinvented Gameboy, which is why we stated that “History always repeats itself”.

The next factor on why the NS and Nintendo are going to start to destroy Sony/Microsoft is for this reason. Their online network, Nintendo just released that you will be able to play multiplayer on Nintendo Switch for only $20 a year. The only downfall as of now is they haven’t added the cloud storage so if your NS breaks, the games you have completed or have saved, vanish. Let’s think beyond that for a second, $20 a year to play multiplayer online with anyone that has an NS. Imagine when Nintendo comes out with more exclusive games, more competitive games… we’re telling you this console is going to revolutionize the way gamers game.

What do you think of the moves Nintendo is making?

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