The Experience

Call of Duty WW2 just finished the open beta for PC earlier this month. We’ve read reviews and watched a lot of gameplay on this anticipated release. There is a lot of pressure on the series considering Battlefield took the throne with its last release.

The PC experience from what we’ve seen and read is below average. The graphics on the game are so so which is super surprising conceding the franchise is very focused on the PC market. They want to make a huge impact on this market and in our opinion they’re doing this to try an get into the eSport market.


Along with the terrible graphics the game seems to lag due to server issues on the backend you can see an example of this in this video here.

The multiplayer game modes you can play are:

Team Deathmatch



War and Moshpit

Domination and Hardpoint are exactly how they have been in the past Call of Duty’s. Team Deathmatch… obviously self explanatory. Domination, Hardpoint and War seem to be the most popular.

The overall game experience seems to be better than the last Call of Duty… THANK GOD. We’re a huge fan of going back in time instead of going forward. This version of Cod seems to be slower, which means the Sniper class will have a chance to survive in each match (Our favorite class).

Our question to you is…

Are you purchasing Call of Duty WW2?

– The GamingU Team #WeHelpUGame

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