By Matty Mac

Developer Description: #Breakforcist is the world’s FIRST breakfast/exorcism-themed endless arcade-style brick breaker! Use your magic paddle & ball to rescue breakfast from the clutches of the evil demon “Howdy” and get paid like its your job. Enjoy a full original soundtrack accompanied by a pastel nightmare of breakfast debris flying in all directions!

Review: Pete Ellison’s first game release #Breakforcist recalls the 80s nostalgia of Breakout and Arkanoid, while adding an entirely new level of fun and excitement to the genre.
As a breakfastologist, your job is to systematically expel demons from the deliciousness of waffles and eggs. Utilizing easy gameplay, the player is tasked with strategically bouncing their ball into their possessed meal before they are overwhelmed at the bottom of the screen. Each successful “breakforcism” brings power ups, style points and fortune. As if good game design wasn’t enough, the syrup on top are the stickers and items the player can also unlock for doing well. Ellison’s visual artistry and soundtrack are in fine form here:
“I’m really proud of the soundtrack and overall game feel. We wanted to to make something that would appeal to fans of old school 80s arcade games without specifically being specifically retro or pixel art,” Ellison explained.
This care with the balance of retro and new is apparent but not overwhelming. The enjoyment of the game lies in the familiarity of it’s 80s predecessors layered with a new, innovative artistic complexity, sealed nicely together with a driving electronic soundtrack.
Some players might pause at the $2.99 cost for the game, but in this case it is money well spent. Ellison has created a gaming experience that will not only capture your attention on first play, but keep you coming back for more. Nostalgia, breakfast foods, and a killer soundtrack? Yes, please.
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