First-off, I want to clear something up, BF4 wasn’t the last ps3 Battlefield… Hardline was. So you might be thinking about what exactly I mean by ‘last bow’. When I say this, I don’t just mean that it’s the last memorable Battlefield. Hardline was to BF4 what Rogue was to Black Flag, as in it had very similar gameplay, with one major difference… the vehicles. Without the tanks and planes, the game ceases to be a Battlefield game. And I feel that Dice should stick to what they’re good at instead of trying to steer off the path that has been working. Then again, this is just my opinion.

As I was saying, what makes BF4 special is the fact that it is the last fps game that came out for ps3, which still has great graphics(for ps3), great gameplay, multiplayer and nearly the same content as next-gen (the only main difference being the server size). Unlike many other ps3 fps games, the servers in BF4 are actually quite full and thank god for server browser, you won’t need to worry about not getting into a full server.


The gameplay in the story mode isn’t bad, but it should probably only be played when you can’t get online to play multiplayer, because after all that is the major selling point of Battlefield games. After a terrible launch with game-breaking problems and net code, the developers at DICE have redeemed themselves by putting in front of us a finished, fixed product that is one of the best multiplayer games on ps3…ever (again in my opinion). The gameplay isn’t always extremely fast-paced, but that’s just the way Battlefield games are built, due to their larger maps (Which I think make the game very balanced). This isn’t entirely a bad thing, in most fps games, all you do is shoot people in the back, get shot in the back and run around in a never-ending loop (Cough cough Call of Duty). Through larger maps, you experience something totally different. Each map has diverse areas in which require you to adjust your play style. This keeps you on your toes and allows for more engaging gameplay.

In case you are a COD player playing BF for the first time you might notice that it has some major differences from games that you’re used to. First off: the recoil in guns in BF games in general is usually very high. And trying to shoot an LMG is a lot harder than in COD. Don’t think of this as a handicap, as this allows for better gun fights with skill, rather than luck.. Another thing is the gadgets, which range from high-tech airborne drones to the ever present C4. Other differences include more weapon attachments, harder sniping, an xp based unlock system and so much more. This is what makes Battlefield games different, it’s just a whole new genre in itself.

Finally, the graphics. Ps3 graphics don’t really compare to next-gen’s, but in terms of ps3 games and taking into account the massive load of content put in, the graphics of BF4 are actually amazing. It’s frame rate on ps3 (and the 360) is at 30fps, which isn’t bad for the old-gen consoles. Its graphical superiority can be seen in a gfx comparison between BF4 and COD Ghosts, both of which were released in 2013. While BF4 looks good even at a low 540p, Ghosts look dull and drab in any TV.


BF4 is an awesome game that I love and still love playing. It’s one which is still relevant even after 3-4 years after launch,

– The GamingU Team

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