At GamingU our goal is to obviously help gamers find new video games to play, no matter how big or small the game is. We’ve been constantly trying to get in touch with as many Indie Developers as we can so that we can test their games, create a review for them and in the end help the game grow. We were blessed enough to be able to do a review on Aurion, a game you can simply buy in the Steam store.

To watch this review click here.


Overall Aurion was a pretty good game we gave it a 7.5/10, because of some basic mechanics we thought they were missing. There wasn’t a quest tracker for the quests you were on so it was hard for us to navigate where we were suppose to go. Another feature that annoyed us was we weren’t aloud to just go up to an enemy and start attacking, it was almost like the game had to load into another dimension where you were then able to attack the enemies. I thought what makes this game was the story mode, any love story is going to sell if it’s a good one.

Stay tuned for our next review on Rim World.

– The GamingU Team