Developer Description:  A team of Star Engineers from the planet Wallo were hard at work mining the Tadpole Galaxy for scraps when they happened upon an asteroid traveling so fast they were unable to escape it’s powerful gravitational pull. The resulting collision critically damaged their ship and the crew were thrown off course, hurtling toward an unknown planet. The only information they could gather about this strange new planet was it’s unusually high gravity, being over 100x more gravity than their home world and filled with creatures they’ve never encountered before. The asteroid had ruined their vessel. They had no choice but to make an emergency landing. Almost everything on the ship had shorted out, but they had enough functioning equipment to help them survive the crash landing.

Review: Astro Towers is a nostalgic trip through the early days of both console and mobile gaming. From its pixelated graphics, to its simple narrative concept, Astro Towers has a timeless feel that will entice new players.

You begin the game as one of three characters Cap, CAPTN Valentine, or Kyai. Your mission is to scale the towers of each level while collecting coins and dodging enemies. You have at your disposal a bountiful blend of disruptive tech from your ship to assist. The “EMP Striker” which shocks enemies on the board, to the “Springer” which enables super jump capabilities, gives any character you choose whether from the starting three, or the 23 others you can unlock, a fighting chance to reach the summit of the tower you are on.

The foundational assumption in development for Astro Towers is the appreciation of the days of the Atari and Intellivision consoles where repetition and the goal of achieving even better results each session will keep you coming back. To a point this assumption is a good one. For the whopping cost of “Free” old skool gamers will return to the well multiple times just to prove to themselves that they have the moxie to beat their last best score. Newer gamers however might be more apt to taking a couple of shots at achieving top scores and then move on. What makes this transition away from the game more inevitable is the constant interruption of ads spamming the game experience. Several times a session a player can expect to watch a trailer or wait out an ad to continue. This nuisance can be turned off, but only if you are willing to pay $1.99. The ad blasts seem to be the sacrifice PlayALot studios has made to get the app into production.

For those willing to look past the ads, or pay to end them, a bounty of gaming goodness still remains. The soundtrack stays true to its retro roots and is enhanced by the individualized sound effects of each character you choose to play. The spacing of enemies and the infrastructure of each tower gives players a complicated, but not impossible, intergalactic gauntlet to run. So, if you are looking for a pulse pounding sci-fi romp to fill some free time, Astro Towers is the game for you.