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My Vision

My name is Aj Picard I’m the founder and CEO of GamingU. Being an active gamer/athlete it was always hard to find new video games to play for the platform I owned. YouTube, Google, Steam, all of those resource are great to use when you’re looking for a new game, but when it comes down to it how convenient is it?

That’s when I decided to create an app that can provide everything you need to discover new video games to play. With this app I want to create a gaming community where gamers can open up the app to explore every little thing in video game market place (News, Video Games, Video Game Related Products, etc)

About Me

Here’s more information about myself I’m 24 years old and I graduated from Cabrini University. I grew up with two Entrepreneurial parents who both owned million dollar company’s. Growing up around that it made me want to create my own “thing”, which is why I was set to create GamingU. This app is my baby but it goes beyond that… I’m not pushing this app for myself, I’m pushing it to help as many gamers as I can. I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that I’m here to create relationships with every user or fan that I come across. Everyone that is interested in my product matters to me and you can see that through our social media where we’re constantly interacting with them.

I really hope you see the vision I’m going for here. I would be honored for you to embark on this journey with me by continuing to support GamingU, but most importantly spreading the word to.

Thank You

– The GamingU Team