Hot on the heels of Nintendo’s successful Switch launch, when everyone with any interest in the gaming giant’s future are looking to see what’s next in terms of software (games), Nintendo surprises everyone by announcing a *New* 2DS XL. It seems that Nintendo is good at finding solutions to problems that don’t exist. Or maybe there is more to this move? Like any product, it’s a matter of seeing how it is received. So why would Nintendo release this, and what is the New 2DS XL?

In a nut shell, the New 2DS XL is the 3DS XL minus the 3D part. It has a similar clam-shell design of the 3DS. It comes with two screens, the same dimensions as the New 3DS XL, and most importantly, can play all the games designed for the New 3DS XL, 2DS, and DS games.

So why is Nintendo doing this? Well there are possibly a few reasons. For starters, the 3DS XL which is nearly 2 years old now, has already saturated much of the market that it’s going to. At a price point of $199.99, most folks looking to spend that kind of cash will probably opt to buy a Switch. The Switch, having an even bigger screen, way more graphics power also sports being a portable console.

Nintendo has sworn that they will continue to support the DS market – and this move for a 2DS at only $149.99 is probably part of their plan to do that. If you haven’t bought a 3DS yet, you probably aren’t going to. How much of that is an issue of price barrier? I would wager that Nintendo thinks it’s a large enough amount and they are hoping that a slightly cheaper model, still capable of playing the latest DS games will coerce others who have been hesitant to adopt the portable gaming device.

Whether this move will prove profitable to Nintendo remains to be seen. Are you interested in buying a 2DS XL? If you have a 3DS, how often do you use the 3D capabilities?

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