Hello Everyone,

My name is AJ Picard I’m the CEO/Founder of GamingU app. I wanted to write this letter to the public in hope of finding some people to join our team. GamingU has recently been approved by Facebook app start up program FB Start, this means we’ve been credited about 45k worth of free services. One of them being Pitchbook which we’re using to work on getting the funds to really push my vision of the app (if you know any investors that might want to listen to my pitch have them send me an email sales@GamingUInquiries.com).

What We’re Looking For

Right now we have myself and about three other writer that take the Indie Game keys that we receive along with the hot titles coming out and they review them. They then give their opinion on the game by talking about the pros and cons through out the test. The fact of the matter is we need more Writers, I’m looking for someone who will constantly be digging up news in the video game industry. This person will be writing about random stuff thats happening in the video game market which will allow us to broaden our posts, so that we can draw more fans to our brand. This position is not paid, but when I do get funded it will be. We’re also looking for an Editor to help edit any post we want to post (Social media, blogging, etc).

iOS/Android Developer, we need one of these guys/girls bad. Right now I’ve been paying a free lancer to get the app to where it’s at now and I just don’t have the funds to be paying for it on my own anymore. Plus I shouldn’t be paying someone who isn’t on the team and as passionate about the product as I am. I am willing to give up some equity in the app, so that theirs some motive to work. Again until I get funded I don’t have enough money to pay anyone.

Content Creator, we need someone to help create legit graphics/short videos for our social accounts. We’re to basic and we need to start switching it up. The videos would never be long unless we start to really tackle Youtube (in the plans), but for now the videos are basic.

The Vision

I have so much in store for GamingU, which is why I’m sending out this request. Worst case scenario you can always build your resume and I would be more than happy to be a reference for you. The point is, it’s only a matter of time before GamingU really starts to blow up. I can also promise you that I will be hustling more than you will be if you decide to join our team, don’t think for a second I will be using you for your work. I want to grow together, as a family. The three other people on the team that I have are great people and they are really enjoying the journey, we’re on a slack channel and constantly keep each other up to date on what we’re working on.

Please if you consider any of these positions, email me at sales@GamingUInquiries.com

You can check out GamingU here:



Hope to hear from someone soon.

AJ Picard
CEO of GamingU