Another Indie Game review finished, this time on Light Apprentice. Amazu Media, the developer was able to provide us with a code to test the app for free, I want to reach out to say thank you for allowing us to do this. Let’s jump into the review shall we?


We really enjoyed this game overall, I love the combat UI along with the different class you can control. After playing for about an hour we were able to play the warrior and mage/healer class which was a lot of fun. Our personal preference was the mage/healer due to the fact that you could heal and do damage at the same time. The game is pretty cool you go through each room fighting weird looking enemies that do different things. The one negative is you can’t control your characters movement, the only way you can move to another room is by tapping a ladder or a door, same thing goes for when you’re looking to interact with any object… You have to touch that object. So in other words the movements is restricted which is a HUGE negative for us since we love the RPG, open world feeling.

The story mode we couldn’t really follow that well, the only thing we really retained from the story was the first couple of levels when we were simply just trying to find a way out of this cave.


Combat was by far the best feature about this game, I love how you would pick each character one by one and then choose what target you wanted to attack, with the spell you chose to use. Once you were done making those decisions the characters went to attack. When they attacked you had a split second to actually hit the enemy for a lot or for a little. This is what I mean by that… as you go to attack an enemy one small circle comes up and then a large circle comes up. Mid attack the larger circle gets smaller and you have to tap the screen when the larger circle can fit in the smaller circle. If you do that correctly you’re more than likely to hit very hard on that enemy. I also liked how their were very minimal loading screens before and after the battle started, I hate waiting on games to load in order to advance.


Really enjoyed this app overall, we’re super picky but due to the price and Amazu Media making you have to pay for the game we’re going to give this a 7/10.

Still worth the buy but in the end our personal opinion is for a game like this, it should be free!

– The GamingU Team

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