A good question to ask ourselves is, what do we have to look forward to as gamer? Easy question to answer, Virtual Reality (VR) here’s why.


Our team happened to be able to get our hands on our own Oculus and talk about an Eye opener. The experience was breath taking, we haven’t had that joy since we first started playing Halo for the orginal Xbox. VR is the future, Oculus right now we think is the frontrunner in the industry. We’re aware of Vive and what they have to offer, our gut is just telling us that Oculus is going to pull through especially with their listed price and Facebook backing them.

Any way, the experience was seemliss, it was like you were in a different dimension. The fact you can turn around to see what’s behind you is remarkable. We can totally see games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and other big time tittles allowing users to see the game through their VR set, but still play with a controller or the possible hand censors. Imagine looking around for your enemies instead of staring at a screen. VR will take over the “display” devices in we believe 5-10 years.

It’s just different

We’ve been testing Oculus very heavily and with each application we do test we continue to be shocked on how easy it was to set up, how comfortable it fits on your head and most importantly how much different the game you play feels than staring at a screen. With all of this going for VR, we 100% agree it will start to make a huge dent into the industry. The fact that these big time company’s are investing shows how important this movement is.

What to look forward to

Oculus right now just has the controller to use to move yourself through out the game, they plan to release hand censors later this year. Vive has done that already, hence why it’s more expensive. This is going to be a huge test for gamers, will we be able to replace the controller? It will be very exciting to watch this side of the market grow and to hear reviews from gamers all around the world.

We suggest

We highly suggest investing in one of the VR devices, Oculus is the one we recommend the most. You should try to get a feel for what this industry is moving towards, especially if you’re an active gamer. Not to mention when you try it, you’re not going to want to put it down.

Until next time gamers.

The EyeGames Team