There are a lot of amazing games out right now and not to mention there are many yet to be released. Which means there such an audience of games to pick from It’s hard to stay focused. Our team got together and we decided to provide a quick opinion on a game that we thought was the best overall game to be playing right now in 2017.

The Game we chose…

Is Diablo 3 and here’s why, we understand the game is pretty old but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on your list. If you haven’t played Diablo before we will give you a brief explanation. You pick a hero to play (Mage, Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Etc), you then explore the provided map doing quests, killing MASSIVE amounts of enemies with your spells and then of course looting gear to help strengthen your character.

What’s great about Diablo is Blizzard has created it, which means it’s here for the longer term. Think about it Diablo, Starcraft, and World Of Warcraft have been here for over 10+ year that is insane if you think about it! So if you end up investing your time in Diablo just know it’s going to pay off. With that being said Blizzard also announced they will be releasing another patch for Diablo this summer that will be introducing a new class which will be called the “Necromancer”. They will also be adding a ton of new features and gear that will keep you interested when it comes to the end game.

The main reason we think Diablo is the sleeper pick game of 2017 is it’s one of the best games to play with friends. If you have 2-3 friends that always game with you then this game is probably for you, you can tackle enemies together why scavenging amazing loot. The best part about it is you can continue to increase the difficulty of the game so that you and your party have to develop strategy’s to beat each level.

Diablo is a great game to invest in and not to mention with Blizzard right behind constantly adding new content to the game their shouldn’t be any reason you get sick of Diablo 3.

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– The GamingU Team #WeHelpUGame